United Nations Association Student Alliance at USF

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  • Category: International
  • Description: For the biweekly meetings, events, updates and volunteer opportunities head to our facebook page. The purpose and goals of the UNASA are to provide knowledge and understanding to the student body of the University of South Florida concerning the works and happenings of the international organization the United Nations. As well as providing to its members a means to get involved with the international community, learning about the world to become better global citizens. Through these two endeavors and events that have a local and/or larger global impact, UNASA's goal is to help create a better world for all of its citizens.
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/UNSAUSF/
  • Keywords:
    • United Nations
    • International Relations
    • Political Science
    • Model UN
    • Activism
    • Involvement
    • Feminism
    • Human Trafficking
    • Global Citizenship
    • Governmental Affairs
    • Foreign Service
    • Community Service
    • Social Justice
    • Civil Rights

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